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Create a CloudConnexa Account


Here are the steps to sign up for a CloudConnexa account and become an Owner of your own private overlay network.

You are assigned the role of an Owner for any Wide-area Private Clouds (WPC) you create after signing up for an account. This means that you have billing and subscription management privileges in addition to configuration and management.

The steps to sign up for a CloudConnexa account are as follows:

  1. Visit the OpenVPN website.

  2. Click Get Started on the top right or any other CTA leading to account creation.

  3. Select CloudConnexa on the account creation page.

  4. Provide your work email address and a strong password.

  5. Click Create Account

  6. You should receive an email with a verification code from OpenVPN. Copy the verification code from the email and paste it on the email confirmation web page. Click Confirm.

  7. Fill in the details requested from you in the form and click Confirm.

  8. Enter a Cloud ID to identify your WPC. The name of your business is generally used for this ID. Click Confirm.


    Once the Cloud ID is set, it cannot be changed.

    Your account is created, and you are shown the Administration Portal to manage your newly created WPC.

Tutorial showing creation of CloudConnexa account