The Access Server Admin Web UI Users Guide

About the page

The Access Server Admin Web UI Users Guide provides detailed information and instruction for you as the user. It is helpful if you have a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts of networking, security, and the policies and controls that make up a good, layered cyber defense. This introduction starts by defining terminology and UI elements and provides you with an overview of all of the sections within the guide.

Terminology and UI Elements

OpenVPN Access Server Admin Web User Interface (UI)

This refers to the interface admins use to configure their Access Server. This is also referred to as Access Server or the UI.

The menu on the side of all pages in the UI. Each section has a sub-menu in which you can click for quick navigation.

This visual is intended to show the user how the UI is intended to appear.

Text Box

A space reserved for receiving typed input.

Textbox Animated

Check Box

A space reserved for choosing to include some type of setting.

checkbox ui

As the name implies, the setting is enabled when the box contains a check.

Drop Menu

A button that presents a series of clickable options once clicked.

Drop Menu Animation

Toggle Button

A button that is to enable and disable a setting once clicked.


Radio Buttons

These represent a set of options where only one can be selected at a given time.

In the context of the UI, most of the buttons that share the design of Toggle Buttons are actually Radios Buttons.

However, there are instances where the standard radio buttons are used.

Standard Radiou Button