OpenVPN Cloud User

What is it?

OpenVPN Cloud User is an entity that is provisioned by the Administrator to authorize access to the VPN. In most cases, examples of users will be employees, contractors, and other third parties that need access to VPN. Such a user would use the OpenVPN Connect Client on desktop and mobile devices to connect to any one of the OpenVPN Cloud VPN Regions in order to access VPN resources. A User could also be just an entity that is used to generate connection profiles for devices that are unattended. For example, routers or IoT connected devices.

Who should use this?

Admin will configure Users in the administration portal.

Why should I use this?

Configuring Users is the only way to provide remote access to the VPN. Users can be grouped into User Groups. User Groups can be used to confine VPN access to Users.

Show me how to configure it?