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Welcome to CloudConnexa!!

Your company has chosen the CloudConnexa service for you to access applications and other corporate resources securely. Our service creates an overlay network called the Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC), which connects your corporate applications, data centers, other sites, the internet, and other public resources like SaaS applications. To access all these resources securely, your device (smartphone, PC, laptop) must connect to the WPC. You can connect to the WPC using the OpenVPN Connect application software to create a secure OpenVPN tunnel to the closest CloudConnexa Region.

Your IT team could have installed the OpenVPN Connect application and the Connection Profile. In that case, you need to connect. Refer to Connect To CloudConnexa.

If you do not have the OpenVPN Connect application installed on your device, you can get it from our website, Get OpenVPN Client.

You need a CloudConnexa Connection Profile (OpenVPN Profile) to connect to CloudConnexa. If you don't already have it, you need to get it. Your IT administrator could have sent it to you as a .ovpn file. Refer to Import CloudConnexa Connection Profile

CloudConnexa offers a User Portal to manage your devices, reset your password, and more. Your IT department controls the functions available to you from the User Portal. Therefore, not everything shown will apply to you. Refer to CloudConnexa User Portal