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Key Terms


Describes the key CloudConnexa terms that Users should be familiar with.


Cloud ID

The Cloud ID uniquely identifies a WPC. It is of the form [company] For example,

Connection Profile

The Connection Profile is a file that contains digital certificates and configuration data needed for connecting to a WPC. It is also called a .ovpn file, profile, OVPN profile, and CloudConnexa profile.


A Region is a geographical area where CloudConnexa has its data centers that terminate the OpenVPN tunnel setup by your device. Choose the Region that is closest to you when you import your Connection Profile.

User Portal

The User Portal is a CloudConnexa portal meant for Users to manage their devices and get instructions on installation of the application and importing the profile, among other things. It can be accessed using the Cloud ID. For example,

Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC)

WPC is the overlay network that is created by the CloudConnexa service. It connects you as a User to the applications and other corporate resources.


See Wide-area Private Cloud.