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User Guide - Securing Remote Access to AWS VPC


Owen has completed the signup process as shown here. During the signup process, Owen selects as the web domain for the User portal. This domain uniquely identifies the WPC that will be set up by Owen and is used by Connect Client applications (WPC Client software) to identify the WPC that it needs to connect to.

Owen wants to provide Remote Access to a private website and other private services hosted in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to himself and employees.

Illustration of WPC



Owen followed the steps shown below to make the AWS VPC with IP address range of part of the WPC.

  1. Configured a Network to represent the AWS VPC and enters as the Subnets for the Network. See, How to add a Network

  2. Clicked on the download icon next to the Connector created for the Network to reveal various options and selected Launch Connector on AWS from the options list. This started the process of using the CloudFormation template to instantiate a Connector VM in the AWS VPC. See, Launch Connector on AWS

  3. This newly launched Connector instance is shown with the IP address of in the WPC illustration above. Owen had allowed CloudFormation to create IAM resources, the Connector will automatically configure the VPC route table and update it as needed when Connectors are deployed in other Networks.

  4. As shown in Launch Connector on AWS, Owen added the Security Group of the Connector instance to the inbound rules of the Security Group associated with the webserver at This will allow traffic to be routed through the Connector instance.

  5. Now Owen connects to CloudConnexa (see, Connecting to CloudConnexa). On connection, Owen can access the application server on the AWS VPC at