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CloudConnexa Device

What is it?

A Device is a computing entity (for example, desktop, smartphone, IoT connected device) that has an OpenVPN client installed on it and is used to access the WPC. A User can have one or more associated Devices.

Who should use this?

The Administrator can create, delete and revoke certificates assigned to Devices. Users can manage Devices if allowed.

Why should I use this?

A Device is needed for Users to connect to the WPC. A WPC IP address is associated with a Device and can be used for inter-Device (peer-peer) communication if allowed.

Show me how to configure it:

An Administrator can configure a Device for a User. See, Switching to Manual Profile distribution & creating a Device

A User can create a new Device and download Profile using the User Portal. See, User adds new Device from User Portal

A User can import Profile using Connect Client to automatically create a Device. See, User downloading app, getting Profile and connecting