Follow these steps to install a connector for Linux:

  1. Click on the download icon for the Connector after it is configured and saved.
  2. Select Connector on Linux and IaaS Public Cloud from the dropdown list.
  3. Click on the dropdown list to see the list of various Linux distributions.
  4. Select a distribution that corresponds to the Linux distribution you want to install the Connector on. For this example, we are using Ubuntu 18.04.
  5. The commands to use wget to download and run the script specific to your distribution appears.
  6. Copy-paste the commands shown in your terminal one-by-one as done in this example.
  7. There will be multiple times when you will be prompted with Yes/No questions. Select Yes every time.
  8. Once all the installations are done, you will see a prompt for a setup token.
  9. Click on the Generate Token button back on the OpenVPN Cloud portal.
  10. Click on the Copy icon to copy the token.
  11. Go back to your Linux terminal and paste the token. The utility will import the Connector profile and connect to OpenVPN Cloud.

Note: Refer to Connecting Networks to OpenVPN Cloud Using Connectors for information on actions that need to be taken outside of the scope of OpenVPN Cloud to enable proper routing of traffic between your private networks and VPN clients.