Getting started with Access Server

What is Access Server?

Access Server gives you complete control of your OpenVPN self-hosted solution with software you install on your server. Access Server is built around the open-source OpenVPN core and simplifies the rapid deployment of your VPN. It includes a powerful, easy-to-use Admin Web UI that makes it easy to manage and configure everything — with or without Linux knowledge. Admins can configure certificates, users, groups, and access control. Additionally, OpenVPN Inc. provides professional support for Access Server.

You can install Access Server today with two free simultaneous VPN connections. We allow you to use the full feature set to ensure it meets your network needs.

You install Access Server on a Linux operating system, on-premise, in your cloud network, or on a virtual machine. Your users connect using OpenVPN Connect, our VPN client for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and the open-source client for Linux. Access Server gives you pre-configured Windows and macOS clients that users can download from your Client Web UI.

How to Get Started?

We make it easy and quick for you to deploy our VPN solution. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Access Server software. Sign up for an account to access our portal where you can get Access Server and purchase a license.
  2. After installation, harden your Access Server by following these instructions: Security Recommendations.
  3. Decide how you will authenticate your users and configure authentication with the help of these guides:
  4. Configure your Access Server to provide remote access or site-to-site.
  5. For remote access, provide instructions to your users to get connected. Refer to our guide for tips: Adding Users To Access Server.