"I have a grossly over complicated home network and OpenVPN helps bring simplicity to that chaos. As we continue to become more digitally dependent, it will require us to come up with solutions to keep us connected with this our important data. Access Server offers a quick and easy setup which allows my entire family to securely utilize that data when needed. They have even taken the extra step to offering turn-key virtualized solutions to get it up and running in a virtual farm instantly. I really appreciate the attention to detail and their efforts to provide us with the best user experience possible. In addition, I have found their support to be incredibly responsive, attentive, and not your typical cut and paste reply some other companies have sunk to. I really look forward to future options they are going to provide, and will be sure to keep an eye on what they release next."

-Matt B

"I'm glad I'm renewing OpenVPN Access Server. It's been working beautifully and I like the e-mail support you guys offer for your subscribed customers. I moved away from SonicWall and I don't think I'll be switching to anything else any time soon."

-Marc C.

"I’m loving it over my SonicWALL SSLVPN, seems faster"

-Z. Coleman

"I've recently installed OpenVPN (Access Server) on two of my servers. It installed effortlessly on both of the servers and client machines, and your documentation is clear, concise and thorough. Having formerly administered and used Cisco VPN concentrators, I appreciate the ease of use, especially from the end users standpoint. OpenVPN is an absolutely fantastic product and extraordinary value, and I plan on implementing it on additional servers in the near future. A very happy new customer."


"I just recently implemented the openvpn solution for users in our School District and we love it. Up until now we have been using a sonicwall which requires us to run the sonicwall global vpn client, but your software (OpenVPN Access Server) is SO much easier to install and use, plus it's multiplatform which is great for us."

-Seth H

"Let me say that OpenVPN AS (Access Server)is exactly what I have been waiting for - for years I have been using OpenVPN for my internal needs but found that most clients and customers are frightened by having to edit their own PF or iptables rules, create config files from scratch, etc. This works perfectly and I look forward to recommending this to my clients, thanks for the good work."


"There are two huge benefits that compelled me to use OpenVPN: it doesn't require any kernel modules and it heavily uses SSL crypto infrastructure. The benefit of the lack of kernel module is clear -- it doesn't require constantly trying to patch in a driver when upgrading kernels. A small but annoying hassle. The use of the SSL crypto infrastructure gives me less cause for concern related to whether the encryption has been implemented properly. And a note on performance: I run connectivity to our hosting facility over OpenVPN. One day I was at the facility, directly connected, and I was getting over 2MB/sec before my (older) server ran out of performance. It's been working great for us here at tummy.com -- we've switched all of our VPNs over to use it."

-Sean Reifschneider

"I have been testing the first few betas using 'hideit' to hide the console window. It has been working perfectly for me between a win2k machine and my own linux distribution (using kernel 2.4.21 at the moment). I just installed the new version with service support. Once I copied my config file and renamed the extension I startup up the service. What can I say, this new version totally and uterly rocks if you need a windows solution. I have been using openvpn for a year or so now between unix machines (replacing 'cipe') and have found it faultless. It's been simply too good! This new windows version is soo good. Thanks for such a great product."


"I've been using openVPN since you ported it to windows, and I must say it is fantastic. In just 2 short weeks of testing, I have decided to scrap my IPSec VPN that I have been using for my small business in place of openVPN. One thing that I have found to be immensely useful is the ethernet bridging. I would rather bridge than route for my particular situation, because I want my remote vpn clients to be on the same subnet as the office-bound clients for myriad reasons. I did not like having to manually configure IP addresses for each client, so I elected to use a dhcp server to serve my remote clients an IP address through the openVPN tunnel."

-Dave Lau

"OpenVPN's modular design is a winner, in the best tradition of good Unix software. I've begun looking at other alternatives, and this looks like the best to me."


"I use this outstanding piece of software every day for my 1500-mile telecommute. I appreciate the continued development, especially since my ISP recently decided to block UDP. So far, I've had very good results with the new TCP mode, though of course it is a bit slower."


"OpenVPN rocks! ... Just wanted to say thanks for OpenVPN and very, very well done! ... The remote DSL ip address changed right after I got this working and I got to see how smoothly OpenVPN handled it. It handled it perfectly and reestablished the connection with the new ip address automatically. All this with free software. Is that neat, or what? ... Also, Samba works great, as does LinNeighborhood, ssh, sftp, and everything else I've thrown through this tunnel... Again, all the thanks go to the OpenVPN developers and user community. This software is a wonderful example of open-source generosity, practicality and professionalism."


"Thank you for the incredible software - I have tried a few different things, and this is definitely the most reliable and best performing solution I have seen."


"Firstly I want to thank you for this wonderfull piece of sofware. OpenVPN is THE universal vpn solution."


"PS To the creators of and contributors to the OpenVPN project, I'd like to say I love it! Great work! Let me know if I could be of any help to the project..."


"OpenVPN is an excellent piece of software, and I thank the authors. I now have OpenVPN installed and working perfectly between my office network and my home network, with each VPN server sitting inside of its local network behind a router doing NAT."


"The openvpn.net site is a model of clarity -- esp. the How-To!"


"Lastly, congratulations to the Openvpn developers as I think this is a great and highly competitive application."


"OpenVpn really is great piece of work. I rarely had something more useful on my computers!!!"


"I've been testing OpenVPN 1.3.1 (to much success -- thanks for the excellent software, James!)"


"First I would like to mention that I am really happy with openvpn: I use it for VoIP and it works like a charm."


"First I would like to say I think OpenVPN is great, I replace the aging VPND with OpenVPN and it is so much better!"


"Hi, I've been using openvpn for about a month now with great success, I have already setup about a dozen VPN connections in various environments."


"Once again: GREAT SOFTWARE, thank you James !"


"Thanks for the help, openvpn is a great program. "


"First, congratulations for the excelent OpenVPN software. OpenVPN is much better and much easier to use than Freeswan and other alternatives. Thank you!"