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First time connecting to CloudConnexa with OpenVPN Connect

Are you getting connected to CloudConnexa? This tutorial shows you the steps to get up and running as a user.

This tutorial shows you how to:

  1. Open your CloudConnexa invitation email.

  2. Use the link provided to download OpenVPN Connect.

  3. Import a profile and connect to CloudConnexa.

Before you begin

To follow this tutorial, you need CloudConnexa set up and a user account for yourself. If you don't have these things, contact your administrator. This tutorial also assumes that your administrator enters your email address during user creation. When they do that, CloudConnexa automatically sends an invitation email to your email.

The first step is opening your email inbox and finding the CloudConnexa invitation email:

  1. Open the email from CloudConnexa, You're invited to join CloudConnexa!

    • The email provides you with information about your account details. Ensure to take note of the CloudID, username, and temporary password.

  2. Find the links provided to download OpenVPN Connect.

  3. Click to download OpenVPN Connect for your device.

Now that you've downloaded OpenVPN Connect, you can install it and connect with your CloudConnexa account information:

  1. After the download completes, install OpenVPN Connect.


    For more details, refer to our installation guides based on your operating system.

  2. Launch OpenVPN Connect.

  3. Click to Add a profile.

    • The Import Profile screen displays with the URL tab selected.

  4. Enter the CloudID as the URL.

    • The Sign In screen displays with your Cloud ID populated.

  5. Enter your Username and Temporary Password from your invitation email.

  6. Click Sign In.

    • The Change Password screen displays.

  7. Enter a new password and confirm it.

  8. Click to agree to the terms of service and click Change Password.


    Ensure you create a strong password or it won't pass validation.

  9. Select a region.


    If you don't have the option to select a region, that's because your CloudConnexa administrator already specified the region for your user account in the CloudConnexa Administration portal.

    • The Imported Profile screen displays.

  10. Click Connect.