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SAML authentication with CloudConnexa


How to use SAML authentication with OpenVPN Connect and CloudConnexa. Provide your users with SSO logins to connect to the server.

If it uses SAML authentication, you can sign into OpenVPN Connect with an identity provider (IdP) with CloudConnexa.

This tutorial provides an overview of the following:

  1. Import your profile into OpenVPN Connect with your SSO credentials.

  2. You're connected to CloudConnexa using OpenVPN Connect.

Before you begin

Ensure you have a CloudConnexa account and you've installed OpenVPN Connect.

Follow these steps to import your connection profile:

  1. Launch OpenVPN Connect.

  2. Click or tap the Add icon or click the menu and select Import Profile.

  3. Enter the CloudID as the URL and click or tap Next.

    • OpenVPN Connect prompts you to complete authentication in your web browser.

  4. Click Sign in.

    • The IdP authentication page displays.


      OpenVPN Connect 3.4.4 on Windows prompts you to open the URL in your default browser and allows you to copy it to open it in the browser of your choice.

  5. Enter the credentials to sign in with the IdP.


    You may also see a prompt for 2FA or MFA from your SSO provider if this extra step is enabled.

  6. After successfully authenticating, select a region and click Continue.

    • The browser displays a message that the site is trying to open OpenVPN Connect.

  7. Click Open.

    • OpenVPN Connect confirms that you want to import the profile.

  8. Click Confirm.

    • The profile now displays in OpenVPN Connect; you can click or tap on it to connect.