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CloudConnexa — A Software as a Service (SaaS) solution on AWS

If you are currently or plan on running your cloud infrastructure on AWS or a hybrid environment and would like to manage your AWS cloud costs all from one place — then AWS CloudConnexa SaaS is the solution for you. The AWS CloudConnexa software as a service solution available on the AWS Marketplace allows you to purchase a SaaS contract from AWS to manage your subscription and create a CloudConnexa account.


Before purchasing, read the service contract terms and conditions.

Once you choose your subscription term and connection plan, you will be directed to the Administration portal to fully configure your CloudConnexa Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC).

  1. From the AWS Marketplace, click the left-nav menu, and select Discover products.

  2. In the search bar, search CloudConnexa.

  3. Click View purchase options.

  4. Select your subscription term (1 month, 12 months). Charges (if applicable) will appear on your AWS bill.

  5. Select your Renewal Settings.

  6. Choose your Contract Options connection plan: (3 = free, 5 -> 500 concurrent connections).


    If you choose to cancel the subscription before the end of your terms, you’ll need to contact our sales team at

  7. Click Create contract.

  8. Click Pay now.

  9. Click Set up you account. After purchasing the subscription on the AWS Marketplace you will be redirected to the CloudConnexa portal to complete setup.

  10. Click Start Now.

  11. Next, complete your account profile, and click Confirm. You will be prompted to enter a verification code.

  12. Enter your Cloud ID that will be used to create a subdomain (i.e. for Cloud ID "mycompany” visible to your users. 


    Once you create your Cloud ID, it cannot be changed.

  13. Click Confirm. You will be directed to the CloudConnexa Quick Start tutorial page. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on setting up your WPC. You have the option to modify your connection plan at any time within the CloudConnexa Admin portal, by clicking the Upgrade Your Plan button in left-nav menu, or by clicking the Add more link found on the Status page in the Capacity panel.   If you choose to modify your connection plan and click one of the links, you will be redirected back to the AWS Marketplace to Modify the current contract.