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CloudConnexa Access Group

What is it?

An Access Group defines a specific access control configuration by specifying the access relationship between Sources (i.e. Who?) and Destinations (i.e. What?).

  • Sources are either the Users belonging to specific User Groups, Networks or Hosts.

  • Destinations can be set to :

    • Services configured under Networks or/and Hosts

    • Full access to specific Networks or/and Hosts

    • Full access to all the User Devices

Multiple such Access Groups define the overall access controls to be employed for the WPC.

Who should use this?

The Administrator needs to define Access Groups.

WPC Topology setting of ‘Full-Mesh’ is a quick way to provide unrestricted access between all Users, Networks, and Hosts without needing to define Services and Access Group. This is the default setting.

In order for Access Groups to be employed WPC Topology must be changed to Custom.

Why should I use this?

Access Groups provide the means to configure access controls.

Show me how to configure it:

When should I make use of this?

Refer to:

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