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Edit the default User Group settings

Follow these steps to edit the default User Group settings:

  1. Sign in to the CloudConnexa Administration portal

  2. Click Users

  3. Click Groups.

  4. Click the edit icon (pencil) of the Default User Group.

  5. Change Connect Auth if desired. If you require that a username and password be entered when a WPC connection is requested, Connect Auth should be set to ‘On prior auth timeout’ as both the certificate and password are checked against the username prior to allowing a successful connection. On successful authentication, the User will not be asked to authenticate another WPC connection attempt from the same Device for the next 12-hours. The Connect Auth of No can be used for unattended operation in routers and IoT Devices where the WPC connection request is authenticated by the certificate alone and the User is not prompted to input username/password. The Connect Auth setting of Every time’ can be used for prompting the User for username/password every time they attempt to connect to the WPC.

  6. Customize the set of Regions available to members of the Group if desired.

  7. To configure the set of Regions available to the Default User Group, select or un-select the checkboxes corresponding to the Regions you want to add or remove from the list.

  8. Select the Internet Access level:

    • Split Tunnel On: (Security Level 1) Private and trusted internet traffic is tunneled through the WPC, and public internet traffic is routed using the local network or CDN

    • Split Tunnel Off: (Security Level 2) All traffic is tunneled through the WPC, and public internet traffic can be configured to exit the WPC from select Internet Gateways

    • Restricted Internet: (Security Level 3), private and trusted internet traffic is tunneled through the WPC and all other internet traffic is blocked

      • Click Ok

  9. If necessary, change the Maximum Devices Per User that can access CloudConnexa.

  10. Click Update to save changes to the Default User Group.