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CloudConnexa Host

What is it?

A Host represents a server running on the customer’s private Network that the WPC is directly extended to by running a Connector on the same computing instance as the server.

Who should use this?

The Administrator needs to configure the Host and install the Connector on the same Server that needs to be part of the WPC

Why should I use this?

Configuring Hosts provides an easy way to make an application service available to the WPC without the need for Site-to-Site networking or making the Network that the Host resides in a part of the WPC.

A Host receives a static WPC IP address that can be used to reach the server when connected to the WPC.

Show me how to configure it:

When should I make use of this?

An example of extending the WPC using Hosts would be when a group of remote Users (for example Contractors) need access to a specific private service being provided by that Host.