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Assign a private domain name to a Host

CloudConnexa allows you to configure one domain name to reach a Host. Note that when a domain name is used for a Host, you do not need to add a DNS record in CloudConnexa. The name is implicitly mapped to the VPN IP address of one or more host connectors. The traffic destined, by use of the domain name, to the Host will arrive at one of the connectors in a round-robin..

To add a domain name to a Host, follow the procedure below:

  1. Sign in to the CloudConnexa administration portal at

  2. Navigate to Hosts.

  3. Click Hosts.

  4. Click the edit icon (pencil) of the Host to update.

  5. Click the Applications tab.

  6. Click the  AApplication.

  7. Enter a Name.

  8. Enter the Domain.

  9. Select the Application Type (protocol and/or ports).

    • Click Submit

  10. Enter a Description.

  11. Click Add.