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User Guide - Using a domain name for a load-balanced private domain


Owen is the IT manager of a company that is already using CloudConnexa. The R&D team has been working on a new web application and has requested that Owen make the web app available to trial Users as a beta release. The R&D team doesn't want to expose the application to the internet because it is still being worked on and may have security holes.

Owen decides that the best approach is to treat the app as an internal application and allow the trial Users to access it via CloudConnexa.

Set Up

  1. Owen creates a Host and assigns a domain name of

  2. He then creates multiple Connectors for the Host (one for each of the application’s web servers) and installs the Connector on each web server.

  3. He then adds a User Group and adds the trial Users as Users in this group.

  4. Since the WPC topology has alread been set to Custom, he adds an Access Group to provide access to the trial User Group for only the Host with the domain name of

The R&D team provides their trial Users with the URL, but instructs the Users to first connect to CloudConnexa to be able to access the URL.

When the trial Users connect to CloudConnexa, they can only access and the traffic to the web app is routed in a round-robin fashion among all of the Connectors / web servers that are configured for the Host.