If I buy one license, can I use it on multiple servers?


No, a license key is a single-activation key that locks to just one system. You can't share it between servers. So if you want to run 3 servers, each server will need its own license key. If however you have just purchased a license key and it's still unactivated, and you've just now realized you need separate keys, and need too split this license key up so each server can have its own license key, then this is possible under certain conditions. The minimum size of a single license key must contain 10 licenses. So if you purchase a single license key for 30 connections, and you want to have it split up, you can create a maximum of 3 license keys of 10 connections each. We normally only consider requests to split license keys up if the license key has not already been used for activating an Access Server. To request your license key to be split up contact us on the support ticket system.