I purchased some licenses on your website and would like instructions on how to connect to your VPN service. Can you provide me with these instructions?

The software subscription license sold on our Access Server portal on our website does not grant access to our VPN servers. It is a software key to unlock an amount of connections allowed on a server you manage yourself that is running our OpenVPN Access Server software product. Therefore we cannot provide instructions on how to connect to our servers with such a software license. If you have purchase a subscription license by accident you can request a refund on our support ticket system.

If you want to use a hosted VPN service, we offer CloudConnexa, which is a business solution for hosted VPN connectivity. We run the VPN servers, and you can use it to secure your connection traffic between offices and employees.

We also offer Private Tunnel, which is designed to secure your Internet traffic and protect against certain threats on the Internet. This is suitable for consumers and business users that do not need to use it to transfer traffic between offices and employees, but just to protect their Internet connection, for example when on a public WiFi.