User Guide - Multi WPC

OpenVPN Cloud can be configured to support multiple, independent WPCs from the same account. For example, if a Cloud Owner has an existing WPC for their Organization, they can create separate WPCs for different departments, contractors, or even other Organizations.


The user must have the Cloud Owner role.

Creating Your Next WPC

You can create additional WPCs:

  • From the User menu
  • From the Cloud ID menu

Note: A Cloud ID cannot be changed once created.

From the User Menu

  1. Select the User drop-down menu
  2. Click Subscription

     3. Click Add Subscription 

  2. Select the number of connections you will need for your new WPC
    • If you select to add a Free subscription, click Create

    • If you select to add a paid subscription, toggle the number of connections for your WPC
      • Click Proceed to Payment

    5. Enter a unique Cloud ID

    6. Click Add Cloud ID

    7. Click Go To Admin Portal once the WPC is created

From the Cloud ID Menu

  1. Select the Cloud ID drop-down menu and click Add Cloud ID
2. Enter a unique Cloud ID

3. Click Add Cloud ID

4. Click Go To Admin Portal once the WPC is created

Switch WPC

Owners, can switch WPCs by clicking the Cloud ID drop-down menu, and selecting the Cloud ID associated to the WPC.

Administrators and Users can access the new WPC by going to https://[Cloud ID of New WPC] The URL can be used in the Connect Client application to login and get the connection profile to connect to the new WPC.