Switch to manual profile distribution and create a user device

Steps: Switch to manual profile distribution

  1. Sign in to the OpenVPN Cloud administration portal at https://cloud.openvpn.com.
  2. Access Settings > Users and click Edit.
  3. In the Profile Distribution section, select Manual.
  4. Click Update and then click Confirm.

Profile distribution is set to manual, which enables you to add devices for your users.

Steps: Create a device for a user

  1. Access Users and expand the user that you want to edit.
  2. Click plus to add a device.
  3. Enter the device name and description and save your changes.
  4. Click to download the OpenVPN profile and select the VPN region that the user belongs to.
  5. Send the downloaded .ovpn file to the user for their OpenVPN Connect application.

Note that you can revoke the profile certificate or revoke the device from the device list.