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Simplified Network and Host Configuration

Network and Host Configuration

CloudConnexa's Administration portal has changed from a Network-centric format to a more Application-centric approach. Now, Administrators can route to Networks and Hosts by creating public or private Applications using only domain names – without the need to configure IP routing. The Network and Host configuration have been improved to eliminate the need to define an Application or IP Subnet Service in a separate step – now, you define your Application Type (protocols and/or ports) or IP Service Type (protocols and/or ports) when you create them – then grant identity-based access as needed.

Network and Host management have also been made easier, with a high-level view of all your Network and Host resources in a single screen or a more granular view of each Network or Host component. When adding a Network or Host to CloudConnexa, Administrators can now focus on access to specific resources without the need to deal with complicated subnet routing. This empowers Administrators to enable micro-segmentation and enforce ZTNA – faster.