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Adding a DNS record for a private domain name

CloudConnexa provides a quick and easy way for you to route traffic to servers, on the Networks connected to it, by name. Instead of making changes to your private DNS server’s entry or even using private DNS servers, you can add a DNS record right in your WPC configuration.


Prior to making a DNS record entry, check that the IP addresses that you want to route the traffic to are accessible from a Device connected to CloudConnexa.

To add a DNS record for a private domain name that will take precedence over entries in CloudConnexa or your private DNS server, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to the CloudConnexa administration portal at

  2. Access Settings >  DNS.

  3. Click (+) beside DNS Records.

  4. Enter the fully qualified domain name (e.g.

  5. Add one or multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that map to the domain name.

  6. Click Create.