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Cyber Shield - Blocked Domains Trend Analysis


You must configure your Cyber Shield Domain Filtering to block specific domain categories. More details on domain filtering can be found here: Configuring Cyber Shield Domain Filtering.

Analyze blocked domains trends

Navigate to the Shield page in the Administration portal, then click the Timeframe Metrics pane.

  1. Click on the Blocked Domains tab.


    By default, the page displays a count of blocked domain name queries over the last 24 hours. Note that the Classification Data section displays a breakdown of the blocked domain content categories.

  2. Change the timeframe for the reporting data by clicking the time frame link (7 days or 30 days).

  3. Drill down to a specific week by clicking on a day in the chart.


    The data and timeframe change dynamically in the bar chart. You can drill further down to a specific day, and an hourly view is available for each day out of the last seven.