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Enabling routing and NAT on Microsoft Windows Server 2016

In this section:
  1. You must first deploy the Routing and Remote Access Service on Windows Server.

  2. Open Server Manager, click Tools and select Routing and Remote Access.

  3. Right-click the server, and select Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access.

  4. When the setup wizard opens, click Next.

If Routing is needed

Follow these steps:

  1. Select Custom configuration and click Next

  2. Select LAN routing

    If NAT is needed

    Follow these steps:

    1. Select Custom configuration and click Next.

    2. Select LAN routing.

    3. Select the network adapter that shares the internet connection (in this case Local Area Connection - TAPv9 adapter), and then click Next.

    5. On the summary page, click Finish.

    • The wizard initializes and starts the RRAS service. Once the initialization completes, the server status icon changes to green.

    6. Re-start the service/server.