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Enabling routing and NAT on macOS

Steps: Enable routing and NAT on macOS

  1. Open the Terminal application and enter this command:

    • sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

Steps: Enable NAT on macOS

  1. Create a file titled “pf-nat.conf” and add this rule:

    • nat on enX from to any -> enX


      Where enX is the main network interface of the host and is the default WPC subnet. If the WPC subnet was changed in the CloudConnexa Portal - Settings > WPC, "please replace, in the command above, with the updated IPv4 WPC subnet:

  2. Save the pf-nat.conf file.

  3. Start pfctl using the rule from the pf-nat.conf file.

    • sudo pfctl -d #disables pfctl

    • sudo pfctl -F all #flushes all pfctl rules

    • sudo pfctl -f /Path/to/file/pf-nat.conf -e #starts pfctl and loads the rules from the pf-nat.conf file

If you want the NAT rule to be permanent:

  1. Create a backup of the default pf.conf file (sudo cp -p /etc/pf.conf /etc/pf.conf.bak)

  2. Add your own rules to /etc/pf.conf (appending them after the default Apple anchors): nat on enX from to any -> enX

  3. Load your custom rules (sudo pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf)

  4. (Re)Enable the packet filter firewall (sudo pfctl -E)