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WPC Status and Error Logs

View Overall WPC Status

Navigate to Status to view the overall WPC status and error logs.

The Status page provides information arranged in various compartments called widgets. We will look at the information each widget provides in the sections below.

Refreshing WPC Status and Error Logs

In order to keep the Status page current and updated, click on the Refresh icon on the top-right corner of the web page.


Capacity Widget

Active Connections

Shows the number of Connections that are currently active (i.e. in use) out of the number of WPC Connections in your subscription. Remember that connections in use by Connectors and Devices are both counted in this statistic.

Subscription Limit Exceeded

Shows the number of times in the past 24-hours that the usage spiked such that the number of WPC Connections in use exceeded the subscribed number of WPC Connections. In such cases, WPC Connections that exceed the subscribed number are dropped. Frequent such occurrences indicate that you are undersubscribed and signal that you should consider increasing the number of WPC Connections in your subscription.


Shows the amount of data that was transferred using the WPC from the start of the present calendar month.