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Update an Application for Networks or Hosts

Update an Application for Networks or Hosts

Applications are defined as FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names) including protocols, and/or ports. Follow the steps below to update an Application for Networks or Hosts:

  1. Sign in to the CloudConnexa administration portal at

  2. Access Networks or Hosts and click the Name or the edit icon (pencil) of the entity that you want to edit.

  3. Click the Applications tab.

  4. Click the Add Application button.

  5. Enter an Application Name.

  6. Specify a Domain.

  7. For Networks (Optional) toggle Allow Embedded IP to ON.


    Embedded IP enables implicit domain resolution. This is useful for IoT / IIoT devices which can allow remote SSH access. You can use the private IP address of the device and the Network Application Domain Name to create a hostname without configuring a DNS record. For example SSH@<private ip address>.Network Application Domain Name.

  8. Select the Application Type(s) (protocols and/or ports).

  9. (Optional) Enter a Description.

  10. Click Add.

Alternatively, you may also update an Application for a Network or Host by:

  1. Accessing the Networks or Host menu.

  2. Clicking the Application menu.

  3. Clicking the edit icon of the Application to update.

  4. Entering the applicable information.

  • Or by accessing the Network or Host menu, clicking the name of the Network or Host you want to update, and clicking the Applications tab.