OpenVPN Cloud Terminology Change

OpenVPN is changing the following terminology used in the OpenVPN Cloud Administration Portal: 

  • VPN is changing to WPC (Wide-area Private Cloud)
  • VPN IP address is changing to Tunnel IP address

These new terms will not affect the product functionality of users or administrators in any way. They simply identify these terms more appropriately as the services offered by OpenVPN Cloud have expanded beyond the definition of a legacy VPN.

We have coined a new term, Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC), to denote the virtual network that the multi-tenant OpenVPN Cloud creates for each customer. This network is dedicated to connecting that customer’s distributed resources and users while providing the built-in security services for IDS/IPS, Content filtering, firewall, and access control.

The OpenVPN protocol is used for connecting and tunneling traffic to the WPC. The IP address assigned to the tunnel inner address was called ‘VPN IP address.’ As we are changing the terminology to WPC, that IP address will now be called ‘Tunnel IP Address’

When will the change in terminology take place?

Starting March 28, 2022, you will see the new terms on the Administration Portal, User Portal, and during the signup process. In the months that follow, the website, technical documentation, and other collateral will reflect the changes. In the interim, you may see both, new, or old terms mentioned in technical documentation and other places