Cyber Shield - Observed Domains Trend Analysis


You must configure your OpenVPN Cloud Shield Domain Filtering to enable monitoring. More details on Domain Filtering can be found here: Configuring Cyber Shield Domain Filtering.

  1. Access the Cyber Shield page in the Administration portal.
  2. Click on the Timeframe Metrics pane.
    • The Observed Traffic, Blocked Traffic, Observed Domains and and Blocked Domains window opens. By default, the Observed Domains tab is active and the page displays a count of observed domain name queries over the last 24 hours. Note that the Classification Data section displays a breakdown of the observed domain content categories.
  3. Change the timeframe for the reporting data with the radio buttons on the right.
  4. Drill down to a specific week by clicking on a day in the chart.
    • Note that the data and timeframe change dynamically in the bar chart. You can drill further down to a specific day, and an hourly view is available for each day out of the last seven.