OpenVPN Cloud Internet Access

What is it?

Use of split tunnel is based on the configuration of the Internet Access setting of Networks, Hosts and User Groups.

Who should use this?

An administrator should set this based on the desired handling of internet traffic. If internet traffic needs to enter the VPN and exit out of a Network connected to the VPN, then Internet Access needs to be set to Split Tunnel OFF after on or more Networks are configured as VPN Egress.

Why should I use this?

It provides the Administrator control over how Internet traffic needs to be handled for Networks, Hosts and User Group

Show me how to configure it?

When should I make use of this?

Taking a User Group as an  example:

  • If the administrator wants to route internet traffic of those Users such that all internet traffic for a specific User Group enters the VPN and exits out of one or more VPN Egress Network(s), the administrator needs to set the Internet Access for that Group to Split Tunnel OFF
  • If the administrator wants to let the internet traffic go directly via the user’s ISP and not enter the VPN, Internet Access can be set to Split Tunnel ON. This is the default setting.
  • If the administrator wants to block access to the Internet for those users when connected to the VPN, Internet Access can be set to Block.

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