OpenVPN Cloud Authentication Type

What is it?

This term is used to configure the authentication policy that should be enforced for the Users belonging to a specific Group. There are two authentication types used when authenticating the VPN connection attempt:

Profile Only -The VPN connection attempt is authenticated based on the digital certificate that is part of the Profile

Password and Profile – In addition to the profile check, the user is authenticated by use of username/password credentials

Who should use this?

The administrator should set this per User Group

Why should I use this?

If stricter security needs to be employed for certain User Groups or to bypass password entry for certain User Groups

Show me how to configure it?

When should I make use of this?

Setting the type to ‘Profile Only’ allows for a quick VPN setup without the need for user to enter credentials. This authentication type allows for unattended operation. For example, IoT devices that operate in an unattended fashion can be put in a User Group set to ‘Profile Only’ authentication type.

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