Manual profile distribution

What is it?

This configuration option provides control over the means of distribution of the profile to users of the VPN. If Manual distribution is selected, the user will need to receive the profile as a .ovpn file from Administrator. Administrator will need to generate and download profile for each user’s device. User will need to import the received profile (see, User imports received profile into Connect Client.) The other option to distribute profiles is Automatic Profile Distribution.

Who should use this?

The Administrator should use this to control the means of profile distribution.

Why should I use this?

Use of this option allows the Administrator to tailor the profile distribution based on the security model and other tools currently in use.

Show me how to configure it:

When should I make use of this?

Some reasons an administrator may want to use manual distribution are:

  • Strict control over device creation is needed.
  • Another system such as a device management system exists that can securely push profiles and Connect Client to user devices.
  • OpenVPN Cloud is being used exclusively for secure IoT communication and profiles are installed at the device factory.