January 19, 2022


  1. A page that provides a description of the Domain Filtering and Traffic Filtering functionality and the ability to configure it is seen on arrival to the Shield section when the filtering funtions are inactive


  1. Renamed device names are shown in the Cyber Shield statistics
  2. Deleted devices are marked as such in Cyber Shield statistics and detailed reports.
  3. The browser’s “Back” button can be used during drill-down on the Cyber Shield Top 10 dashboard
  4. Domain Filtering is disabled when DNS proxy use is turned OFF


  1. Cyber Shield page errors when kept open in the background for a long time.
  2. Inability to display User names and device names on the Cyber Shield page when SAML/LDAP is in use
  3. iPhone scrolling issue
  4. Exporting issue of the domain filtering detailed report when SAML/LDAP is in use