OpenVPN Cloud Internet Gateway

What is it?

OpenVPN Cloud does not provide direct egress of Internet traffic. Any traffic to the Internet that enters VPN needs to exit out of a customer’s network. A Network can be configured as an exit point for Internet traffic by turning the Internet Gate setting ON.

  • A Network configured to act as an Internet Gateway receives traffic destined to the Internet from other Networks, Hosts, and Users in the VPN
  • Multiple different Networks can be configured as an Internet Gateway for one VPN
  • Internet access for Networks, Hosts, and Users in the VPN that need VPN egress needs to be set as Split Tunnel OFF
  • A Network that is not itself acting as an Internet Gateway can be set to Split Tunnel OFF
  • If multiple Networks are configured as an egress, internet traffic for Hosts, Networks, and Users with User Group set to Split Tunnel OFF gets automatically routed to the geographically nearest Internet Gateway Network based on the VPN Region to which the User’s, Host’s, or Network’s VPN client/connector is connected

Who should use this?

An administrator can configure a Network to act as an Internet Gateway.

Why should I use this?

It should be used to provide one or more exit points for public traffic that enters the VPN.

Show me how to configure it?

When should I make use of this?

A Network might serve as an Internet Gateway in order to force all Internet traffic to pass through Unified Threat Management (UTM) equipment hosted in that Network or to act as an internet gateway such that the public IP address of the Internet Gateway Network’s Connector(s) can be used to white list access to SaaS applications.