Alerting for important VPN events

Access Settings > Email Notifications to enable alerting emails for important VPN events. These emails notify your administrators of any events that require attention or action.

  • Subscription Limit Exceeded – Enabled by default.
    • Notifies administrators that one or more VPN connections were terminated because the number of simultaneous VPN connections — including those from connectors and users — exceeded the subscribed limit. An alert is sent once every hour that VPN sessions are being disconnected because of the number is exceeding the subscription limit.
  • High Subscription Usage – Optional.
    • If enabled, this alert notifies administrators when a configured threshold for the number of active VPN connections is exceeded. The threshold is configured as a percentage of the subscribed VPN connections. For example, a threshold set at 80% for a customer that has subscribed to 100 VPN connections will send an email alert when 80 or more VPN connections are active during the previous day. This alert serves as an advance warning that the number of active VPN connections might soon exceed the number of subscribed VPN connections and may lead to VPN sessions being disconnected.
  • Connector Offline Warning – Optional.
    • If enabled, this alert notifies administrators that a device running connector software has lost its VPN connection. Typically, connectors serve to extend the VPN to a network or directly to a private server. This alert may indicate a critical service failure if a connector is the only instance for the network or host. Note that multiple connectors can be used with a network. An alert is sent once every hour that connector VPN sessions are being disconnected.
    • Related: The network detail view displays the connection status for each connector, which provides you with a quick visual status during troubleshooting.
  • Click Edit to enable or disable alerts and to configure a threshold percentage for subscription usage.