Enable two-factor authentication for OpenVPN Cloud users


Administrators can enable two-factor authentication for their users to add an additional layer of identity verification. Once two-factor authentication is enabled, an authenticator application must be used to provide an authentication code at sign in. The authentication check is performed whenever the user attempts to:

  1. Sign in to the user portal.
  2. Sign in with the OpenVPN Connect app to add a connection profile.
  3. Establish a VPN connection using the Connect app.

Steps: Enable two-factor authentication

  1. Sign in to the OpenVPN Cloud administration portal at https://cloud.openvpn.com.
  2. Access Settings > User Authentication and click Edit.
  3. Toggle Two-Factor Authentication on.
    • Note that you can choose to enable your users to allow a trusted device. The user isn’t prompted for additional authentication on a trusted device for 30 days after the initial authentication.
  4. Click Update and then click Confirm.