Editing Default User Group settings

In order to edit the settings of the default User Group, the Administrator needs to follow the steps below:

  1. At the OpenVPN Cloud Admin Portal (, navigate to Users, then navigate to Groups
  2. Click the Edit (shaped like a pen) button near the Default user group
  3. Change Connect Auth if desired. If you require that a username and password be entered when a VPN connection is requested, Connect Auth should be set to ‘On prior auth timeout’ as both the certificate and password are checked against the username prior to allowing a successful connection. On successful authentication, the user will not be asked to authenticate another VPN connection attempt from the same device for the next 24-hours. The Connect Auth of ‘No’ can be used for unattended operation in routers and IoT devices where the VPN connection request is authenticated by the certificate alone and user is not prompted to input username/password.
  4. Restrict the set of VPN Regions available if desired
  5. To restrict the set of VPN Regions available to the Default User Group, choose the desired VPN Regions and click Choose to confirm your decision
  6. Change the maximum number of devices that get access to OpenVPN Cloud per user if desired
  7. Save changes to the Default User Group
  8. Revised Default Group settings. The Connect Auth has been changed to ‘On prior auth timeout’. The max number of devices per user has been set to 100. Singapore has been added to the set of VPN Regions that users in the Default group can connect to