Adding a public domain name as a route to a network

OpenVPN Cloud allows you to configure one or more domain names as routes to reach a network. You can either use both domain names and IP address subnets or just one of them to configure a network.

Note: When a public domain name is used as a route to a network, you do not need to add a DNS record in OpenVPN Cloud. The traffic destined to the public domain name is routed to the network and has the actual public IP address (found after the resolution of the public domain name) as its destination.

Steps: Add a public domain name as a route to a network

  1. Access the Domains section and click plus (+) to add a domain name.
  2. Add the public domain name and an optional description.
  3. Click the checkmark to save the new domain route.
    • The new domain route is listed under Domains.
  4. Click Add Service to add a service for each domain route.