Adding a private domain name as a route to a network

You can configure OpenVPN Cloud to use one or more domain names as routes to reach a network. You can use a combination of domain names and IP address subnets to configure a network.

If you have networks with conflicting IP address subnets, just use domain names as routes to differentiate those networks (see, User Guide - Remote access to private networks with overlapping IP address space).

Note that while a private domain name can be used as a route to a network, you still need to specify the actual destination for a fully qualified domain name by configuring a DNS record either on your private DNS servers or by adding a DNS record in OpenVPN Cloud.

Steps: Add a private domain name as a route to a network

  1. Access the Domains section and click plus (+) to add a domain name.
  2. Add the private domain name and an optional description.
  3. Click the checkmark to save the new domain route.
    • The new domain route is listed under Domains.
  4. Click Add Service to add a service for each domain route.