Adding an Internet Gateway

One or more networks can be set to act as an exit point for public internet traffic that enters your VPN. A network set up as a VPN Egress will be the destination that Cloud routes all the internet traffic entering the VPN from other Hosts, Networks and User Groups that have split tunneling OFF. In order to set up a Network as VPN Egress, the Administrator needs to follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to the OpenVPN Cloud administration portal at
  2. Access Networks.
  3. Click the name of the Network that is to be set up as an Internet Gateway.
  4. Click Edit Network Details.
  5. Toggle the Internet Gateway switch to ON. Note: You may receive a
  6. Click the OK button and click Proceed Anyway that reminds you to setup the connector instance to properly act as an internet gateway. See, HQ Network being used as egress route for OpenVPN Cloud.
  7. Select User Groups, Networks, and Hosts, for which internet traffic needs to enter OpenVPN Cloud and exit to the internet through one of the networks providing egress.
  8. Click the Save button in order to save the Network changes.
  9. The internet Gateway is now ON for the selected Network.