Add access to a private domain in a Network

If you want to enforce access controls for Applications that you already have configured domain names in your private DNS server or in the Cloud DNS, then you can define Applications within you Network by using the domain names that have been assigned to those Applications instead of using the IP address.

Steps: Add access to a private domain name in a Network

  1. Access Networks.
  2. Click the edit icon (pencil) of the Network to add a private domain name.
  3. Click the Add Application tab.
  4. Click Add Application.
  5. Enter the Application Name.
  6. Enter the Application Domain.
  7. Enter the Application Type (protocol and/or ports).
  8. Add an optional Description.
  9. Click Add.

Note: If private domains are used, you will need to add them to your DNS records or add them in the Cloud DNS.