User Guide - Host Settings

Host settings enable Administrators to view, add, edit, and filter Hosts within a WPC account. You may view all Hosts within a WPC account from the Host list screen, or details about specific Hosts from the Overview tab. Host list screen Applications list screen IP Services list screen Connectors list screen Host Overview screen Applications […]

Enabling automatic login on macOS

You can enable automatic login on your macOS computer, which is required for deploying OpenVPN Cloud network connectors in a macOS environment.

Enabling routing and NAT on macOS

How to enable routing and NAT on macOS.

Assign a private domain name to a Host

OpenVPN Cloud allows you to configure one domain name to reach a host. Note that when a domain name is used for a host, you do not need to add a DNS record in OpenVPN Cloud.

Giving a public domain name to a host

OpenVPN Cloud allows you to configure one domain name to reach a host. Because each host is configured to represent an internal service, any domain name given to a host is considered to be a private domain name and not a public domain name.

Adding a Host | OpenVPN Cloud

Follow these steps to add a host in the OpenVPN Cloud administration portal.

OpenVPN Cloud Host

A host represents a server running on the customer’s private network that the VPN is directly extended to by running a connector on the same computing instance as the server.