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Tutorial: How to Set a Custom Web Server Name


Follow this tutorial to change Access Server's web server identification string.


You can change the "Server" HTTP header that the Access Server's built-in web server uses to identify itself to clients (browsers).

One reason to modify this would be an automated scan that tries to identify the web server software being used and attempts to exploit it, which becomes confused and unable to determine the software in use.

Making this change doesn’t affect security very much, other than security through obscurity, but some security scan programs can 'fail' on this, and therefore, we have made it possible to customize this identification string.

  • An installed Access Server.

  • Console access with root privileges.

  1. Sign in to the console with root privileges.

  2. Switch to the scripts directory:

    cd /usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts/
  3. Set a custom web server name:

    ./sacli --key "cs.web_server_name" --value "HAL9000"1 ConfigPut
    ./sacli start


    Change this to your desired web server identification string.