Access Server Admin Guide: Documentation and Support

About the page

Unlike the previous pages, the links for Documentation and Support do not land users onto a page in the Web UI. These links will take you to VPN Server Resources (Documentation) and the OpenVPN Support respectively. With these two links, you can find additional help for configuring the Access Server including suggested security measures, configuration for Connect Clients, and support for technical issues. It is a good idea to use these resources when encountering any problems with Access Server or for clarification on subjects that seem vague. There also exists community pages as well if these resources do not provide adequate information.


Thanks to OpenVPN's open source beginnings, we have a large amount of documentation provided by both community volunteers and the OpenVPN team. This link in the admin page will bring you to the Commercial VPN server Resources page which is the main page to search for documentation about Access Server, the Admin Web UI, Configuring a VPN, and much more. You can filter and select information based on articles or frequently asked questions.


At times, there are issues that documentation will just not suffice. Therefore, we at OpenVPN are willing to provide you help with issues you may have. To ask us questions, make a free OpenVPN account, which can be done here. We at OpenVPN will not be reluctant to provide you with feedback and discuss these issues; it is how OpenVPN is able to flourish.


The Admin Web UI presents users a very clean and effective interface to configure, manage, and test a server for their VPN. The Admin Web UI reduces a significant amount of the complexity, technical skill, and time that would otherwise be required to configure Access Server, let alone a VPN host to set up a quick and secure server. Although brief, we hope that this reference manual has provided you with enough information to be able to navigate through the Access Server Admin Web UI and understand how changing the different settings in the Admin Web UI affects your server as a whole. If you wish for more advance uses and configurations of Access Server, you can refer to our Access Server command line interface tools guide, read our documentation listed in our Commercial VPN server Resources page, or purchase one of OpenVPN's textbooks.