Purchasing and activating a subscription license key


This page provides information for purchasing and activating a subscription license key on Access Server, allowing more connections for VPN clients.

If you first install Access Server without a subscription, it allows only two simultaneous VPN connections. There's no time or functionality limit. The only difference between a licensed and an unlicensed Access Server is the number of simultaneous OpenVPN tunnel connections allowed.

Purchase and activate a subscription to unlock more connections.

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Purchase and activate a subscription

Follow these steps to purchase and activate a subscription for your Access Server. With a subscription, you can increase or decrease allowed VPN connections at anytime. You can also choose to pay monthly or annually. It's all managed in our billing portal.

Purchase a subscription

  1. Register for a free account on our site. (If you already have an account, sign in.)
  2. Confirm your account via the confirmation email you should receive.
  3. Once signed into the Access Server portal, click Subscriptions.
  4. Click Buy Subscription.
  5. Review the differences between subscription and fixed license keys, then click Proceed With Subscription. (We recommend subscriptions as they have much more flexibility than our legacy model, fixed licenses.)
  6. Select the number of concurrent connections you want. (Some discounts apply if you choose a larger number of connections.)
  7. Select if you want to pay monthly or yearly.
  8. Click Proceed To Payment.
  9. Enter your payment information and click Pay.

Activate a subscription

  1. Click on your new subscription in the Access Server portal.
  2. Click Copy Key.
  3. Sign in to the Admin Web UI for your Access Server. (If this is the first time signing into your Access Server Admin UI page, you start on the Activation page.)
  4. Click Configuration > Activation.
  5. Paste your subscription key into the "Enter Activation Key here" field.
  6. Click Activate.
  7. Access Server loads the subscription and displays the now activated key with the message, "Subscription is active and operating normally."

From the Access Server portal, if you click on your subscription, then click Access Server Information, you can view information about the Access Server(s) you've activated with that subscription.

Activation troubleshooting

If you experience subscription key problems, refer to Troubleshooting problems with software licensing.