OpenVPN Connect iOS 1.2.6 released

Version 1.2.6 of the OpenVPN Connect app for iOS is now officially out on the Apple app store. This release solves almost all of the problems that were discovered after the release of 1.2.5, which was a major release. Most of the issues that were found were related to configurations not commonly found when used with the OpenVPN Access Server product, and affected mostly open source OpenVPN users. We have listened to you, our valued customers and open source users, and made fixes as soon as possible to get you the best OpenVPN experience on iOS.

One of the things that has changed relates to how the security model of iOS is stricter now, and this means that certain private keys and certificates may need to be reimported. This is unfortunately something we cannot change, as we are bound to certain limitations within iOS. We are also still working on improving mobileconfig import procedures. We have found some solutions already but we are looking to perfect this. Our apologies for any inconvenience in this area.

The following documents detail the changes made, and there's a frequently asked questions page that you may consult if you encounter any problems: