OpenVPN Access Server 2.5.2 released

The software packages for OpenVPN Access Server 2.5.2 have now been released on our website. For users that are running a failover system and that were running into a UCARP segfault problem when they updated to version 2.5 we are happy to announce that this problem has been resolved in Access Server 2.5.2. We have also made some improvements to resolve some problems using OpenVPN Connect Client on some platforms, and to improve DNS implementation on the Windows platform. We advise to update your Access Server to version 2.5.2 when convenient, to ensure you have the latest version of our OpenVPN Access Server product and its bundled OpenVPN Connect Client.

Changes since OpenVPN Access Server 2.5

  • A problem with VRRP/UCARP LAN-based failover mode in version 2.5 that affected some configurations was resolved.
  • Made switching off that type of failover mode easier and better, solving some problems with disabling it.
  • Updated OpenVPN Connect Client for Windows version to version
  • Updated OpenVPN Connect Client for mac OS version to version
  • OpenVPN Connect Client mbedTLS incompatibility with PKI created by OpenSSL 1.1 fixed.
  • OpenVPN Connect Client support for ECDSA added.
  • Library mbedTLS in OpenVPN Connect Client updated to resolve CVE-2018-0487 vulnerability.
  • Problem with excessively long server DNS host name that caused 'no VPN servers' message is resolved.
  • Issue with TLS key refresh causing a connection failure and reconnect in OpenVPN Connect Client is fixed.
  • Fixed and improved client version and platform reporting to server in OpenVPN Connect Client.
  • Fixed launch issue on some older Windows platforms when MS Visual C++ redistributable was not present.