Licensing the server to increase allowed connections

These are the licensing methods available for Access Server:

  • Subscription key: monthly or yearly subscription, starting from 5 connections.
  • Fixed license key: purchased for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, starting from 10 connections.
  • AWS tiered instance: only available on Amazon AWS, in sizes 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500.
  • Unlicensed: limited to two connections.

A newly deployed OpenVPN Access Server allows two concurrent VPN connections. With two connections, you can thoroughly test the product before purchasing. When you need to increase connections, purchase a license. Depending on your chosen licensing method, your license can be on-demand, monthly, or yearly.

The following sections provide specifics of each licensing method.

Subscription key

A subscription key for OpenVPN Access Server has the following features:

  • Long activation key.
  • Works on Access Server 2.8.1 and newer.
  • Can activate it multiple times.
  • Can share its connections across multiple servers.
  • Can change the connection number on the fly.
  • Purchase monthly or yearly.
  • Requires an internet connection.

Sign in to our website for the OpenVPN Access Server product to purchase a subscription. Once signed in, click Subscriptions and Buy Subscription. After purchasing, you can copy your activation key, sign in to your Admin Web UI, and paste the key into the Activation page of your Access Server.

Note: Subscription activation requires Access Server version 2.8.1 or newer. We recommend keeping your Access Server on the latest version.

Fixed license key

A fixed license key for Access Server has the following features: 

  • Follows the format of four groups of four characters.
  • Works on older Access Server versions.
  • Can’t change the licensed amount after purchase and activation.
  • Requires purchasing another license key to increase connections.
  • Can’t activate on more than one server.
  • Doesn’t require an internet connection (offline activation method available).

Note: We only recommend using a fixed license key in situations when installing your Access Server in an isolated environment where internet access is not possible or severely restricted.

To purchase a subscription for OpenVPN Access Server, sign in to our website for the OpenVPN Access Server product. Once signed in, click License Keys and Manage License Keys. After purchasing your license key, you can copy it, sign in to your Admin Web UI, and paste the key into the Activation page of your Access Server.

Note: Fixed license key activation can be done online with Access Server 2.6.1 or higher. We recommend keeping your Access Server on the latest version. Offline activations can be done on legacy versions but require you to contact OpenVPN support for assistance.

AWS tiered instance

You can only find the Amazon AWS pre-licensed tiered instances in the Amazon Marketplace. Our recommended method for licensing OpenVPN Access Server on Amazon AWS is launching the unlicensed BYOL instance on AWS and activating a subscription license. However, if you need the software license billed directly through Amazon AWS or only need the instance on-demand, deploy an Amazon AWS tiered instance of OpenVPN Access Server.

An AWS tiered instance with Access Server has the following features:

  • Only available on Amazon AWS.
  • Select the instance with desired connections on the AWS Marketplace.
  • Pre-licensed when launched.
  • Number of licensed connections available immediately.
  • Requires the instance has access to the internet.
  • No activation keys; activation happens automatically online.

We provide seven pre-licensed tiered instances through Amazon AWS:

The above option for five connected devices offers a free trial. If you launch one, the software license for five connected devices is free for the first seven days. You can use this free trial to try the product out, and if you don't like it, terminate the instance within those seven days. AWS won’t bill for the software license but will bill for the EC2 instance. After seven days, if you continue to use the product, AWS includes the software license in your AWS bill.


If you encounter problems getting your software license to work, refer to the troubleshooting page for software licensing. If we don't answer your questions there, contact OpenVPN support.