How to use the Access Server AWS Launcher

STEP 1: Procure a subscription to use with Access Server

Get a Free subscription for 2 VPN connections or purchase one for more

STEP 2: Use CloudFormation as the launch option

  • Navigate to Get Access Server
  • Select Cloud Image as the VPN Solution
  • AWS as the Cloud Service Provider and Option 1 Simplified deployment with CloudFormation Script

STEP 3: Launch with CloudFormation

  • Select the AWS Region in which you want to deploy the Access Server
  • Select the subscription you want to use to activate the Access Server
  • Click on the Launch Script on AWS button

STEP 4: Login to your AWS account

STEP 5: Provide needed parameters for CloudFormation

  • Choose the VPC ID and Subnet ID of the network
  • Provide the SSH key pair name
  • Select the checkbox to acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources. This permission is needed to find the correct Ubuntu image for the selected region.
  • Click on the Create Stack button

STEP 6: Monitor Progress

STEP 7: View the set password and URL of the launched Access Server’s administration portal

  • When completed, click on the outputs tab
  • URL for the Access Server administration portal and the password to use is displayed
  • Click on the URL to open the administration portal and login with ‘openvpn’ as the username and the displayed randomly generated password. Remember to change your password after login.

Launch from Access Server Portal